Fares Al-Natsheh Group, a famous company in the foodstuff market with more than 35 years of experience. Our main products, Orient Nuts, Malaysian Nuts, Japanese Nuts, Mexican Mix, Coated peanuts with many flavors, Snack Vermicelli, Salt Sticks, Biscuit in many forms and flavors, Chips, Tortilla chips, Puff Corn, all at many forms and flavors, Corn Flakes with many shape and flavors.

Due to our profession, concentration and extensive excellent resources, we are able to control splendid quality and hold advantageous prices for our customers. Besides engaging in the Jordanian market, and GCC market, Iraq, Syria, Palestine and international markets like the USA, Spain, and Canada.

If you are looking for reliability and perfection in business, we are no doubt optimal choice. Just visit our website and contact us then we shall be the keenest and professional at your service, as for every aspect, our first priority is your satisfaction